When I was 11 I started a custom bracelet business & sold my first one to my mum for 50p. When I was 14 I started making squishy character toys from balloons and flour. When I was in college I started selling my Art online and ended up selling my first canvas painting for £100. When I was working a 9-5 job I got into network marketing. That turned into creating my first physical product, a body scrub which failed because I didn't stick with it. Next came an online baby store & a custom Tshirt business.

At this point, I told myself that I WILL NOT GIVE UP. No matter how many businesses I will create, I will find one that feels like the next big thing.


Along comes the transition from 2019 and 2020 which gave me the clarity to start a business that I worked my freaking ass off for: @sylkmag 🖤 The amount of interest and love it has gotten from wild women creatives made me realise that its the service I HAVE to provide! Hustling 12-13hrs a day on SYLK feels like a blessing and passion... Everything I do for it gets me soo excited for everything that is coming in the future! If you are anything like me, follow inspirational women, follow your passion & follow SYLK.

INFO: SYLK is a combination of a digital blog and a magazine. A space for every woman who is building herself up whether that is in business, in her personal life or socially. A digital magazine where real women tell real stories.


SYLK lays out issues, topics and solutions written by amazing everyday women for women like you and I. Not only is it a digital magazine but an online space where you can connect with other women creatives, shop products & download FREE valuable content to help you every step of the way,

Let SYLK help you become the woman that you always wanted to be.



-Sonia Vee, Founder of SYLK Magazine

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